Xtalks hosts the free webinar, Digital Technologies for Assessing Patient Functioning in Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trials, Tuesday, December 1, at 11 am EST.

During the webinar, Fay Horak, PhD, Chief Scientist, Wearables & Digital Biomarkers, ERT; and Chris Edgar, PhD, Chief Science Officer, Cogstate, will discuss the use of digital tools in multiple sclerosis (MS) clinical research, practical approaches to the selection of fit-for-purpose assessments and the development of endpoint strategies for MS clinical trials, and case studies in the application of cognitive and motor assessments.

In addition, the webinar will present advances in validated tools and technologies to collect digital endpoints relevant to MS and other neuromuscular diseases that can improve signal detection and gather relevant data needed to measure treatment response.

The speakers will review examples of how these technologies have provided high-quality outcome measures via sensitive, reliable and objective assessments which fully characterize motor and cognitive impairment.

[Source(s): Cogstate, PRWeb]

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