The 5th Annual Brain Mapping Day, held recently at the US Congress, included a presentation by head impact safety solutions provider X2 Biosystems Inc.

The event was organized by the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT), the Brain Mapping Foundation (BMF), the National Center for NanoBioElectronics, and the Congressional Neuroscience Caucus, according to a media release from Redwood City, Calif-based X2 Biosystems Inc.

During the presentation, X2 Chairman and CEO John Ralston, PhD, highlighted opportunities to correlate data from wearable head-impact sensors with computerized impact simulations and high-resolution brain mapping to monitor, assess, and reduce the risks of brain injury in athletic and military environments, per the release.

“Combining X2’s wearable impact sensor solutions with high-performance data analytics platforms will enable significant breakthroughs in correlating real-time head impact data with multiple additional data streams, both at the network edge and in the cloud, to significantly enhance brain health and safety during athletic and military training exercises and sporting events,” Ralston states.

Per the release, X2 Biosystems is developing solutions that combine the company’s “X-Patch” wearable head impact sensors with high-performance analytics platforms to address important goals such as: facilitating the development of more effective remove-from-play head impact thresholds; personalizing injury risk assessment for individual athletes and soldiers; and integrating computerized impact simulations, high resolution brain mapping, and other data sources to enable advanced diagnostic capabilities.

[Source(s): X2 Biosystems Inc, PR Newswire]