The Atlanta Falcons, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Oakland Raiders are now among the National Football League teams who use HydroWorx aquatic therapy pools, Middletown, Pa-based HydroWorx announces in a media release.

“We welcome these three new teams to our professional football family,” says Nicholas DiNubile, MD, board member for HydroWorx and who served as orthopedic consultant and one of the team physicians for the Philadelphia 76ers for more than 12 years.

At the outset and over the long term HydroWorx engages with each team to identify the best solutions for thermal, polar and other water-based therapies – and the best fit for training facilities, stadium and other installations, HydroWorx states.

“In addition to other products, all these teams selected our 2000 Series for its advanced performance – variable water depth, moveable floor, an 8’x12’ underwater treadmill, resistance jet technology and computer and camera systems,” notes Timothy McCarthy, chief executive officer for HydroWorx, in the release.

“While the Raiders and Falcons were new stadiums and/or training facilities, the Ravens actually upgraded to HydroWorx technology solutions from a different hydrotherapy provider’s product,” he adds.

[Source(s): HydroWorx, PRWeb]