Reigning NBA champions the Golden State Warriors have on-boarded the EYE-SYNC solution to its courtside performance and sports medicine team, notes SyncThink in a media release.

The brain health analytics platform will be put into use on the court and within the locker rooms to identify impairment and monitor recovery among the players during the 2017-2018 season as the team defends its title.

“The health and welfare of our athletes is paramount in our decision-making,” says Chelsea Lane, head of physical performance and sports medicine for the Golden State Warriors, in a media release from SyncThink. “EYE-SYNC is a valuable and objective piece of our oculomotor function and fatigue monitoring puzzle.”

SyncThink Chief Customer Officer Scott Anderson, the former Director of Athletic Training at Stanford University will work with the team for the full adoption of the solution and expansion of its uses.

“I’m excited to see the Warriors performance and medical team dive into our technology and to utilize it for the vast functionality it is capable of,” Anderson states, in the release. “This organization, from top to bottom, is known for their pioneering efforts in bringing cutting edge technology to their sport, so it is no surprise to me they became our first NBA customer. We look forward to working with them during the upcoming season.”

[Source: SyncThink]