UK-based company Futura Medical has reportedly developed a “new generation” of topical pain relief with two products designed to target more active ingredients directly to the source of pain.

A news release issued by the company states that both products—TPR100 Diclofenac gel and TIB200 Ibuprofen gel—are made to draw benefits from Futura’s multi-action permeation technology, DermaSys, which is engineered to provide deeper and more targeted pain relief for up to 12 hours.

James Barder, chief executive, Futura Medical, emphasizes in the release that the products hold promise for the pain relief market.

Andrew Moore, professor, director of Pain Research at Nuffield Centre of Anaesthetics, University of Oxford, adds that new formulations of oral and topical anagesics have begun to “make a real difference.” He also says that new generations of pain relief will contribute to improving quality of life of individuals with pain.

The release notes that Futura Medical is already in discussion with partners, including leading brands and generics, to commercialize both products.

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Source: Futura Medical