BetterPT and Kno2 announce plans to launch a fully interoperable referral network that they note aims to bridge the gap between physician referrers and physical therapists, and therefore enhance greater patient access to physical therapy.

BetterPT is a healthcare technology platform company that provides end-to-end digital connectivity between physical therapists, patients, and physicians. Via its stand-alone interoperable application, patients can find clinics in their local area that best fit their needs, accept their insurance and immediately request an appointment, all with a few clicks.

BetterPT’s inbound patient management (IPM) solution offers operational efficiencies to clinics, helping to cut down administrative burden and paperwork.

In partnership with Kno2 — a company that provides Interoperability as a Service to everyone in healthcare — physician referrers now have a streamlined point of entry via BetterPT to safely and efficiently share important patient information with the physical therapist, enabling more informed and effective care, and saving administrative time and resources for everyone involved, a media release from BetterPT and Kno2 explains.

“We’re thrilled to work with a strong partner like Kno2 to provide a solution that bridges the clinical and non-clinical information gaps that currently exists between physicians, patients and PTs,” says Greg Peters, CEO of BetterPT, in the release.

“As we bring more referrers into our network and continue to expand end-to-end connectivity between physicians, patients and PTs, this exciting partnership reinforces our commitment to transform and simplify patient access and experience with healthcare services, putting control and choice in the hands of the patient and giving them back precious time previously used to navigate an overly complicated healthcare system.”

“The industry recognizes that physical therapy plays a vital role in the continuum of care, and patients need direct access to treatment without jumping through hoops to be seen,” states Kno2 CEO Jon Elwell, the release continues.

“BetterPT has done a fantastic job pulling together a community of therapists to support patients throughout the process. We are excited to support BetterPT with our interoperability services and unlock the flow of information for their patients, physicians and physical therapy providers.”

[Source(s): BetterPT, Kno2, PRWeb]