The Alliance for Physical Therapy Quality and Innovation (APTQI) introduces its new website designed to align with its updated branding.
The site provides access to information and tools community-based physical therapy professionals can use to learn more about and advocate for public policies impacting their profession such as payment reform, quality initiatives, patient outcomes, and innovation in the physical therapy sector.

“With a fresh design to match our updated branding, this new website better showcases who we are, what we do, and what we hope to achieve in the policy space,” says Nikesh Patel, PT, executive director of APTQI, in a media release.

“I encourage physical therapists, policymakers, and other healthcare stakeholders to explore the updated APTQI website and utilize the resources we provide to the community.”

The new website provides the latest news on policies that have the potential to impact physical therapy practices and professionals. In addition, the site offers up-to-date resources that highlight Medicare regulations, telehealth, pain management during the opioid crisis, and the physical therapy workforce shortage—particularly in rural and other underserved areas.

APTQI members comprise nearly 4,500 community-based physical therapy practices in 45 states and the District of Columbia. The updated website shows the locations and corresponding congressional districts for each practice, per the release.

For more information, visit Alliance for Physical Therapy Quality and Innovation.

[Source: Alliance for Physical Therapy Quality and Innovation]