Michael Rogers, PhD, a researcher at Wichita State University’s (WSU) Human Performance Lab recently conducted a study designed to evaluate the use of TheraBand exercise bands in helping individuals reach their exercise goals. A university news story reports that the study results are intended to provide physical therapists, personal trainers, and other fitness professionals with new exercise guidelines that will help promote physical activity and weight loss/management programs.

“…Each year we seem to be moving more and more toward industry-sponsored research, and our ties with these companies keep getting stronger,” says Rogers, professor of exercise science and chair of the Department of Human Performance Studies.

According to the story, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity activity. To reach that goal, individuals often use energy expenditure charts to pinpoint the amount of energy burned during specific activities. The story states that elastic resistance exercises are not specified in such charts.

To this end, Rogers’ research stems from this concept and aims to determine the caloric expenditure of elastic band exercises and how they fit in with the ACSM’s exercise recommendations. Then,  Rogers says in the story, health professionals and the general public could have a better understanding of their options.

The story notes that during Rogers’ study, two levels of exercise bands were evaluated. A total of 20 WSU students completed 16 minutes of upper- and lower-body exercises in the Human Performance Lab. Oxygen consumption was measured during each of the exercises. The study results indicate that exercises with TheraBand blue and black bands would meet the physical activity recommendation for moderate levels of resistance training.

As elastic resistance exercises fit the recommended intensity level, an individual can count performing this activity toward the accumulation of 150 minutes per week, according to Rogers.

Rogers also points out that while many people are aware of the current physical activity guidelines, “most are still confused about what moderate-intensity physical activity is. Now another option to engage in moderate-intensity physical activity is using elastic resistance bands.”

The story states that based upon the study’s results, TheraBand has redesigned its bands to provide added functionality. The new product will be released in January 2015. Performance Health, marketer of TheraBand, has also partnered with Rogers to conduct similar research on the remaining line of TheraBand resistance bands.

Source: Wichita State University