Nestlé is teaming with cloud-based solutions provider Medidata to conduct a study evaluating the impact of nutrition and physical activity on mobility in aging adults with joint discomfort.

The 2-year intervention study, underway in China, was launched in May 2015 by the Nestlé Research Center and combines the consumption of a nutrition product with a physical activity program.

Per a media release from Medidata, participants were given an activity tracker to gather data about their movement and mobility, and were provided the Medidata ePRO app for them to complete quality-of-life questionnaires on their smartphones or tablets. Information from the activity trackers and questionnaires are then ingested into the Medidata Clinical Cloud platform. The information gathered provides researchers with real-time insight into the participants’ behavior, compliance, and response to therapy.

“Our exciting partnership with Nestlé is part of our ongoing efforts to show that mobile health tools can be incorporated into the highly structured world of clinical trials and bring great value to science-based research programs,” says Mike Capone, Medidata’s chief operating officer, in the release.

“Wearables, sensors and apps gather real-time data directly from people participating in studies and can help paint a holistic picture of their activity and overall health and well-being,” he adds.

[Source(s): Medidata, Business Wire]