The recently launched website — run by FootHealth, a family-owned company that includes three Board Certified Pedorthists — provides insoles designed to offer support and pain relief.
The site also features an Insole Advisor, a short quiz that will recommend an insole based on arch height, shoe type, and whether or not the consumer is experiencing foot pain.

“Foot pain is a real issue for many people, and insoles can help. Years ago, if someone wanted a good-quality insole, they had to have a custom orthotic made; it was expensive to get effective support and foot pain relief,” says Nicole Winzenread, a Board Certified Pedorthist and representative of the company, in a media release.

“Doctors, physical therapists, and pedorthists have done countless hours of research in biomechanics, gait patterns and foot typing to design pre-made insoles that are effective and affordable. Now it’s just a matter of getting these great products in front of people and beneath their feet,” she adds.

“Our focus is not on having every existing insole. We only carry insoles that we have tried ourselves and proven to be beneficial for patients,” she continues.

[Source(s): FootHealth, PR Newswire]