Active Implants Inc announces that the 100th patient has been enrolled in clinical trials evaluating the NUsurface Meniscus Implant for the treatment of knee pain.

Dr Wayne Gersoff, an orthopedic surgeon from Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Specialists in Denver, performed the surgery, according to a media release.

“Treating the 100th NUsurface patient in the US is an important milestone for us as we continue on our mission to fulfill the unmet need in the orthopedic market,” says Ted Davis, president and CEO of Active Implants Inc, in the release.

“Over the next 2 to 3 years, pending FDA clearance, we should be in a position to bring our product to market in the US and fill the gap between minimally invasive meniscus repair and total knee replacement.”

The NUsurface Implant is an “artificial meniscus” is made from medical grade polymer and does not require fixation to bone or soft tissues. It is designed to help mimic the function of the natural meniscus and to redistribute loads transmitted across the knee joint.

“The NUsurface Implant offers hope for patients who are experiencing persistent knee pain following meniscus injury and surgery, have exhausted non-surgical options and are not yet candidates for total knee replacement,” states Gersoff, in the release.

“It’s encouraging to know that with this implant we may be able to alleviate pain and swelling, and delay or even avoid knee replacement surgery—allowing these patients to get back to activities they love.”

[Source(s): Active Implants Inc, Business Wire]