A back injury inspired Neil Singer, a PhD from MIT and a leading expert in advanced motor control technology, to reinvent the wheel. But not just any wheel. He invented ZeroWheel, introduced at Consumer Electronics Show 2023 this month in Las Vegas. Singer’s invention is an exercise wheel designed for people of all fitness levels to be used in gym training and physical therapy.

Working with Adam Cass, his personal trainer, Singer realized the inefficiency and difficulty with traditional core exercises while recovering from his back difficulties. Tapping into his own expertise in the use of sophisticated motor control, Singer invented ZeroWheel, a motorized, interactive, smart version of the ab wheel that he says is adaptable to the fitness and wellness needs of nearly 80 million people in North America.

“ZeroWheel satisfies the needs of a wide fitness demographic. It can help a true gym-rat achieve washboard abs while also enabling physical therapists to assist patients with their recoveries,” says inventor Neil Singer. “My personal trainer and I saw an unmet need for core training. Existing exercise machines failed to fully engage the abdominals and are not accessible to all users.”

ZeroWheel offers fitness users four different modes, ranging from substantial assistance to intense resistance. ZeroWheel also acts as a personal training tool, providing data outputs and seamlessly linking to the user’s smartwatch or phone to monitor their workout and provide feedback. The device can track the user’s progress and encourage competition with friends and family. Additionally, since ZeroWheel provides assistance or resistance in multiple directions, the device can tone and train everything from triceps to calves to quads. ZeroWheel is portable, lightweight, and has a small footprint.

ZeroWheel team members bring experience in coding, design, exercise training, engineering, Intellectual Property, marketing, physiotherapy, and private equity. The startup has raised ~$500,000 and is seeking investors for its $1.25M seed round. ZeroWheel has solidified preliminary partnerships with several high-end gyms and is planning a series of “pop-up” demonstrations in the coming months. The company is accepting pre-orders for production units that will ship to consumers and businesses in Fall 2023.