The TherRex Balance Board, from TherRex Innovations LLC, features a football-shaped base built to enable weight shifting from side to side, and front to back and allow for full ankle range of motion without having to dismount from the board.

The football shape also allows for two different intensities of exercise when using the corresponding handles in different positions.

Chad Franche, PT, DPT, a physical therapist at ATI Physical Therapy, designed the TherRex Balance Board as a way to help improve performance one’s performance before and after injury.

“Ultimately, the TherRex board benefits anyone with a fitness goal or those rehabbing from an injury,” he says in a blog post from ATI Physical Therapy. “Its greatest benefits are in joint stability, core strengthening, and, of course, balance. I actually use it each night as part of my daily workout routine.”

[Source(s): ATI Physical Therapy, TherRex Innovations LLC]