South Korea-based healthcare wearables maker Exosystems will showcase its new exoRehab gamified physical therapy technology at CES 2019 in January as it prepares to debut the device on the European and North American markets in the coming months.

The device, developed based on AI technology, was created by the company as a way to move patients away from simply performing tedious exercises over and over again during their neuromuscular rehab stint.

Rather, it gives patients “Personalized Rehabilitation Guidance” that includes personalized physical and electrical stimulation programs based on the user’s musculoskeletal data, which are performed through a gamified treatment program.

For example, a knee injury patient would wear the exoRehab device and, with the help of their doctor, activate its Training software to receive neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES).

The program also allows users to execute rehab training exercises based on their own body data, all while monitoring the rehabilitation progress of their affected body part, explains a media release from Exosystems.

The company is continuing to design the exoRehab to recognize a patient’s movement patterns and induce artificial body movements by using its stimulation tech based on pattern learning, which it suggests could improve muscles’ strength while relieving fatigue.

[Source(s): Exosystems, PR Newswire]