Hollywog LLC launches WiTouch Pro Bluetooth TENS Therapy, for relief of back pain.

The wearable device connects via Bluetooth technology using the new WiTouch Pro app, enabling users to control the device and personalize their relief via their Apple or Android smartphone.

The WiTouch Pro device, available via Hollywog LLC or Amazon, features four proprietary programs and 15 intensity levels of pain relief.

“This launch signals an important innovation for Hollywog, where our new patented pain management solution, the WiTouch Pro, offers a drug-free digitally-enabled alternative to block pain and keep moving,” says Chuck Thomas, CEO of Hollywog LLC, in a media release.

“WiTouch Pro and its companion WiTouch Pro App were developed because of our dedication to improving the pain sufferer experience. We want people to receive powerful and effective pain relief that fits discretely into normal daily activities without the side effects of drugs,” he adds.

[Source(s): Hollywog LLC, PR Newswire]