The Rezzimax Tuner, a handheld device designed by Sharik Peck, a physical therapist practicing in Richmond, Utah, combines resonance with progressive stress-management techniques to help relieve pain.

Applications include relief from migraines, headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, sinus pain, TMD, anxiety, and more.

Peck, the founder and CEO of Rezzimax LLC, shares in a news story posted on that the Rezzimax Tuner is designed to help calm the vagus nerve in the brain, which can be overstressed when the body is in pain, via vibration on pressure points that helps “tune” the body.

“The vibration devices have … to be perfectly balanced, like an orchestra, to be able to create the same resonance,” he says in the news story. “Otherwise, your body, just like listening to an orchestra that’s way out of tune, feels like everything’s competing, and so it doesn’t create the same kind of balance. It’s all about harmonics.”

When used correctly, per the Rezzimax website, the Tuner targets problem areas—calming the nervous system the same way one would lull an infant to sleep.

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