Irvine, Calif-headquartered LightStim brings to market the full-body LightStim LED Bed, which the company notes is reportedly the first LED bed to receive over-the-counter clearance from the FDA.

The LightStim LED bed, composed of 18,240 light-emitting diodes, is 86 inches long (including headrest), 40 inches wide, and 18 inches high.

The LEDs are housed within individual temperature-controlled modules, and are positioned to be as close to the skin as possible to release nitric oxide to help rejuvenate, repair, and energize the body, according to a media release from the company.

Benefits for physical therapy patients could include reduction of pain, increase in blood circulation and reduction of inflammation, and acceleration of healing.

The company notes that the premiere production run of the LightStim LED Bed will be available in summer 2016.

For more information, visit LightStim.

[Source(s): LightStim, PR Newswire]