Spenco Medical Corporation, based in Waco, Texas, offers the Quickthotics Component Insole System, which are customizable orthotic insoles designed to address the mechanical etiologies of common lower-limb pathologies. The Quickthotics insoles incorporate Total Support Technology, which means it may be effective in the management of lower-limb conditions. However, for those with specialized needs, the insoles also feature self-adhesive varus heel and valgus forefoot wedges, heel lifts, interchangeable arch supports, and removable plugs to incorporate metatarsal cut-outs and calcaneal dells. The insoles are made to be modified by a medical professional.

The product includes a 30-page prescription guideline booklet that has a 5-minute biomechanical examination procedure and provides an evidence-based approach to using the product in the orthotic management of common foot and leg musculoskeletal pathologies.

For additional product information, visit  www.spenco.com.

Source: Spenco Medical Corporation