The Dynamic Stair Trainer Compact, available through Oakdale, Pa-based Clarke Health Care Products, is a smaller version of the company’s Dynamic Stair Trainer. The product’s smaller footprint is intended to provide space in users’ treatment rooms. The DST steps are built to raise and lower electronically, up to 6.5 inches in height. Users can also adjust the steps to each client’s ability, according to the company’s website. Beginning with the height clients can best manage, with each increase users can monitor clients’ progress on a digital scale on the column.

The product’s height-adjustable handrails can be positioned for each patient, from children to older adults, the site says. With the platform level, the rails can be used as a set of parallel bars. Optional bars can also be used to extend that reach.

The Compact measures 31 ½ inches by 87 inches long.

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[Source: Clarke Health Care Products]