MedRhythms, a digital therapeutics company building direct stimulation solutions that use clinical-grade sensors, software and music to help restore function lost to neurologic disease or injury, announces the launch of a clinical trial that will study MR-010, MedRhythms’ acute stroke asset.

The trial, conducted in partnership with and funded by UMass Memorial Healthcare, will examine the impact of MR-010 on acute stroke walking outcomes.

Led by Dr. Brian Silver, Interim Chair in the UMass Department of Neurology, the trial will assess the feasibility of MR-010 to address walking impairments in those in the acute phase of stroke. It will consist of two phases: the first phase will look at the impact of MR-010 within the acute hospital setting, and the second phase will look at the continued impact of the therapeutic post-discharge, MedRhythms notes in a media release.

“Given the prevalence and profound impact of walking deficits on stroke survivors, we are excited to be a part of investigating a promising new intervention in the acute stroke setting that could change the trajectory of rehabilitation for stroke patients.”

— Dr. Brian Silver

“We are honored to be collaborating with the nation’s leading researchers and institutions to build the evidence necessary to bring important care to all those who need it. Strokes have devastating effects on mobility, which significantly impacts independence and quality of life. We look forward to making a positive impact on these patients throughout their entire recovery journey.”

— Brian Harris, the CEO and co-founder of MedRhythms

[Source(s0: MedRhythms, PR Newswire]

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