FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers launches a Pulmonary Program to aid COVID-19 patients in their recovery.

In creating the Pulmonary Program, the FYZICAL team brought together the best research they could find through the American Physical Therapy Association, medical resources and clinicians that had a passion for pulmonary.

The program features a pulmonary care guide with resources about overall treatment protocols, help with evaluations and innovative tools.

Multiple FYZICAL locations have been participating in the Pulmonary Program, with more than 500 team members logged into the project board, according to a media release.

A Comprehensive Approach to Care

“The Pulmonary Program is a comprehensive approach to care that will address the multitude of issues that can arise from dysfunctional breathing patterns caused by something as traumatic as COVID-19,” said Denise Campbell, a multi-unit FYZICAL owner and high level breathing practitioner on the brand’s COVID-19 task force. “This personalized program will help clients strengthen their breathing patterns — when breathing is healthy and balanced, it boosts the immune system and helps clients recover, both physically and emotionally.”

— Denise Campbell, a multi-unit FYZICAL owner and high level breathing practitioner on the brand’s COVID-19 task force

Typically, patients who have been receiving vestibular treatment in the past end up deconditioned because COVID-19 negatively impacts breathing. Much of FYZICAL’s expertise is already focused on improving posture, which in turn, allows patients to breathe better, the release continues.

“Since our centers are already well-equipped for balance issues, FYZICAL provides physical therapists access to the kind of advanced testing materials and resources needed to offer this kind of comprehensive pulmonary care,” Campbell adds.

Moving forward, FYZICAL’s personalized programs aim to help treat an individual patient based on where they are in the recovery process.

“We developed protocols and patient care because we know that those recovering from COVID-19 need to be thought of and looked at differently.

“This virus is unprecedented, so we brought in national experts that are constantly pulling together the latest information when it comes to pulmonary issues and treatments. Luckily, our clinicians are already balance experts, so we can combine that knowledge with new tools, resources and training to provide highly confident care that is COVID-19 specific and help clients achieve optimal wellness and get back to living their best life.”

— CEO Brian Belmont

[Source(s): FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, PRWeb]

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