Robots can solve many industrial responsibilities, but they can’t (at least not yet) receive feedback and information from patients.

A new device, however, brings in automated units to assist physical therapists, working as a part of the team to help patients recover from strokes by allowing them to improve functionality and healing from neuromuscular damage. The device, called Harmony, was created by Harmonic Bionics, a business based in Austin, Texas. 

Harmony “frees the therapist from the repetitive physical labor to do what they do best and that is to interact with the human. This simultaneous engagement of both the mind and body is an underrated but critical part of the recovery process,” says Rohit John Varghese, Harmonic Bionics’ head of product development. “It creates an intimate dynamic between the therapist, the patient, and the robot. The result is that survivors of stroke can get better faster and more effectively.” 

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