A 60-minute on-demand Aquatic Therapy University (ATU) webinar provides participants a comprehensive look at the precautions and contraindications linked to aquatic therapy immersion. The ATU website notes “The Definitive Aquatic Precaution & Contraindication List” course is appropriate for rehab professionals with a baseline level of knowledge about the properties of water (at least 500 working in an aquatic setting). This may include rehab departments, rehab managers, physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, athletic trainers, occupational therapists, occupational therapist assistants, exercise physiologists, therapeutic recreation specialists, and post-rehab professionals.

Upon the webinar’s completion, the site notes that participants will be able to explain the importance of maintaining a very short contraindications list (and a very long precautions list) in the aquatic therapy setting; describe the conditions under which it is important to seek additional orders from the referring provider; create a definitive precautions and contraindications list which all therapy pools should consider prior to allowing a patient into the water; and cite the expert opinion and scientific literature which supports aquatic treatment choices and allows clinicians to weigh the risks: benefits ratio of treating clients in the water.

Andrea Salzman, MS, PT, graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Masters degree in physical therapy. Salzman is the founder and owner of the Aquatic Resources Network, the largest multidisciplinary clearinghouse of information on aquatic therapy. She is vice president of 10K Health LLC, a temporary staffing agency. She currently serves as director of programming for Aquatic Therapy University and has assisted hundreds of facilities during the start-up and training phases of their aquatic practice.

[Source: ATU]