Powered by Clear Comfort’s Advanced Oxidation (AOP) technology, the new EZ50 water care system allows Endless Pools owners to achieve safe water with drinking-water chemical levels and protection against unwanted bacteria.

The Endless Pools EZ50 is now available and can be retrofitted on existing systems, according to a news release.

“We are excited to offer our customers the simplest, most effective and innovative water treatment solution. In both residential and commercial Endless Pools, the new EZ50 delivers the industry’s best water treatment for health, safety and enjoyment.”

— Mark Lutz from Aston, Pa-based Endless Pools

Featuring Clear Comfort’s patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP that requires only an annual cartridge exchange for system maintenance, the EZ50 system enables clean, healthy and fresh-feeling water that has drinking-water chlorine levels or less and helps minimize eye, skin and lung irritation from harmful chlorine by-products.

[Source(s): Clear Comfort, PRWeb]