Work out in the water in the comfort of your own backyard with the PoolFit App, now available in the Apple App Store.

The app features a wide variety of water workouts, including high intensity interval training (HIIT), Tabata, aerobics, deep water, muscle conditioning, yoga, arthritis, water walking and more, led by a team of aquatic fitness experts recruited by PoolFit founder Mark Grevelding. Two new workouts are uploaded to the app each month.

After a trial month, users then pay a monthly subscription fee that allows them to download the workouts and take their devices poolside and follow along. The app also offers Airplay for those who have a patio or lanai that allows for an Apple TV, a media release from PoolFit notes.

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“Water exercise has changed dramatically over the years, thanks in part to active Baby Boomers searching out lower-impact exercise options. This created a demand for more challenging and athletic water fitness classes. The upward forces of buoyancy allow people to exercise more vigorously in water without pain and discomfort, and the viscosity or thickness of water means that every movement is resisted, improving muscular endurance and joint integrity.”

— PoolFit founder Mark Grevelding

[Source(s): PoolFit, PRWeb]