HydroWorx launches a new product line for animal health. For decades, HydroWorx has played a role in rehabilitating our nation’s veteran’s, keeping the world’s top athletes in the game, and offering hope to tens of thousand’s seeking physical rehabilitation. They now plan to add “extending the life of our nation’s pets” to its extensive list of client success stories, the company notes in a media release.

“We’re delighted to expand into veterinary medicine with this new product offering,” said Chief Operating Officer for HydroWorx, Barbra Levan. “There are many therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy, particularly with an underwater treadmill. As we continue to focus on harnessing the power of water to accelerate healing, it was a natural transition to expand our product offerings beyond humans to animals.”

With over 30,000 veterinary clinics in the United States, hydrotherapy has become a popular method to improve the health and wellness of pets. Now more than ever, pet owners are focusing more and more on rehabilitation and wellness treatments for their beloved companions.

The HydroWorx Pet Therapy line debuts with the K900, an underwater treadmill system made with medical grade stainless steel and a walk-through design. Clinicians can view therapy sessions from all angles with all-around glass structure. With plenty of space for a therapist, the K900 makes rehabilitation safe and effective for pets. The underwater treadmill can also be operated in the reverse direction and set on an adjustable incline.

[Source(s): HydroWorx, PRWeb]

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