Aquatic therapy can provide a rehabilitative alternative for physical therapy patients who have difficulty performing exercises on dry land. The healing qualities of buoyancy and support are offered in temperature-controlled water that is now available as full size in-ground and above-ground pools as well as smaller modular units designed to accommodate one or two users. Features such as underwater treadmills, countercurrent systems, and pool exercise equipment help to improve the patient’s speed of recovery. Pool lifts are also a critical part of this category that help maneuver patients who have limited mobility into the water.

HydroWorx above-ground aquatic therapy treadmill

Above-Ground Aquatic Therapy Treadmill

HydroWorx, Middletown, Pa, introduces the EVO – the latest addition to its line of freestanding aquatic therapy systems. The 30-square-foot, self-contained system designed for existing facilities and treatment areas can fit through a standard 36-inch door and into a 3’x9′ space. The EVO is engineered to combine the natural properties of warm water therapy with technology in a safe environment to provide all the benefits of land movement without additional impact and stress on joints and muscles while reducing the risk of injury. 

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Aquatic Access water-powered pool lifts for aquatic therapy

Water-Powered Pool Lifts

For the past 35 years, Aquatic Access, Louisville, Ky, has designed and manufactured a line of swimming pool and spa lifts that provide disabled access into water using city water pressure as the power source. The water is then recycled into the pool. No batteries or electricity is needed to operate these lifts, making Aquatic Access products truly “green” and energy-efficient. The company’s engineers can customize designs for hospitals or rehab facilities for aquatic therapy as well as for the needs of the person at home. Standard lifts have a capacity of 300 to 400 pounds, depending on model. Custom bariatric designs are available with the ability to lift up to 800 pounds. 

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Sprint Aquatics water walking assistant for aquatic therapy

Water Walking Assistant

Sprint Aquatics, Oceano, Calif, provides the Water Walking Assistant Patented (item #698) as a tool to improve balance and gait by providing support to the upper body while helping to increase strength in the legs. The superior-quality PVC makes for uncompromising integrity, and the oversized foam provides both comfort and buoyancy. The handles are padded. Sizes: Inside measurements: XSmall – 11″x17″ approx 2 pounds; Small – 11″x22″ approx 2.5 pounds; Medium – 13″x24″ approx 4 pounds; Large – 15″x24″ approx 5 pounds. Outside Sizes: XSmall – 16″x32″ approx 2 pounds; Small – 16″x38″ approx 2.5 pounds; Medium – 18″x40″ approx 4 pounds; Large – 20″x40″ approx 5 pounds. Made in the USA.

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SwimEx pools for effective aquatic therapy

Effective Aquatic Therapy

Built in the USA, SwimEx pools are designed to be highly efficient and easy to maintain, and feature advanced water current systems with 99 speeds. Pools can be customized to meet specific treatment objectives and space requirements. Choose from a selection of standard features or design a specific interior layout, depth, length, or seat configuration. The entry-level Triton pool is an affordable option for any physical therapy or rehab center. This one-piece aquatic therapy pool features a wide-open layout, 50-inch water depth, and two benches for seated exercise. SwimEx, Falls River, Mass, is known worldwide for its excellent pool design and service. SwimEx pools are powerful, effective, and built to last.

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